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Abstract Photography

A visual exploration of a diverse and unlimited catalog of patterns, colors, and design using macro and close up photography, discovering the beauty of torn paper on a wall, stars and stripes, a red bird's blue eye, artists' pastels and oils, water patterns, sparkling light fibers, the beauty of rust, and swirling liquids, creating abstract, yet real images of found things.
Photograph of Orange Reflections in Water Photograph of Abstract Water Patterns Photograph of Water Droplets Photograph of Water Reflections Photo of Blue Liquid in Beaker Photograph Blue Fiber Optics #2 Photo of Cultures in Petri Dishes Photograph of Glowing Fiber Optics Strands Photo of Shiny Blue Fiber Optics Filaments Photo of Red and Blue Fiber Optics Close up photograph of Blue Fiber Optics strands Still Life Photograph of Nautilus Shells Photograph of Artist's Grey Pastels Photo  of Artist's Colored Pastel Crayons Close up Photograph of American Flags Photo of Coiled Nautical Ropes Photograph of Rust and Patterns on Metal Photograph of Rusted Old Car Photo of Industrial Rust on Metal Close Up Photo of Cracked Wood Close Up Photo of Green Moss on Stones Photograph of Old Tubes of Oil Paints Still Life Photograph of Blue Pastel Crayons Photo of Red Out of Focus Lights Photograph of Blue Water Droplets on Windshield Photograph of Red Bird with Blue Eye