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Artist Statement:

We never cease to be amazed of the miracle of sight.  The fact that we have been given the privilege of vision has allowed us to be ever observant and consistently grateful.

Our physical vision, and our personal vision of the world around us, stimulates our creative spirit.  Astounded by the things we see, we are compelled to create.

I have been a photographer for many years, yet I am eternally amazed at the beauty and variety of what is around us.  From people, to nature, to science and technology, subjects are fascinating and limitless, albeit challenging and quite often difficult to resolve.

I have photographed a wide range of assignments, both commercial and personal, for more than 4 decades.  And with each effort, I have always attempted to create images that are defined by strong color, careful composition, and, of course, beautiful light

Light’s fleeting dimension reflects the transient nature of our lives.  If we can capture, just for a moment, the light we see--that is the greatest reward.

         Ted Horowitz Photography, Westport, Ct.

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